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Alongside telephony, email has become the most important means of communication in the business world of today.


This can only increase, and as a direct result the world-wide adoption of electronic signatures has already become commonplace. The business consequence of threats from the Internet from corrupted emails, containing viruses, worms, etc has necessitated the adoption of digital certificates and complex solutions to overcome these threats.

Logsys belongs to an elite group of companies established many years ago to guarantee secure electronic interaction so that:

  • Availability, reliability and integrity are assured
  • Trustworthy and legally binding support is constantly available
  • Comprehensive and procedural end to end inspections are standard practise
  • Control of the distribution of information content is assured

Secure multiprotocol messaging imageSecure Multiprotocol Messaging

After demonstrable experience over many years Logsys is in the unique position of being at the heart of secure messaging both on the basis of the Internet (smtp/MIME) and the ISO/International Telecommunications Union standards (X.400) and are able to offer expertise in both arenas. In addition, we are able to offer MS-Exchange and/or Lotus Domino experience.

Secure Multiprotocol Messaging

Category: Multi-protocol Mail with directory synchronisation
Description: N-Plex is a modularly developed, highly integrated multi-protocol Mail server and gateway, which can be used in particular as a central Mail Service between different industry standard Mail solutions (smtp, Lotus Notes, Microsoft Exchange, X.400). The simultaneous synchronisation of the directories as well as the transparent conversion of the different address formats is particularly interesting.
Category: Internet Messaging Server (smtp)
Description: CIM is a high speed smtp server, which currently forms the backbone of large Internet Service Provider (ISP).
Category: X.400-MTA (Message transfer agent)

ISOPLEX stands in a service family, which groups itself around the high speed capability of X.400-Message-Transfer-Agents. Additional options such as Message net curtain, Closed user Group, Accounting, ADMD, directory Based Routing, etc. are available.  ISOPLEX often forms the Mail backbone of service providers and very large, global enterprises and organizations.

Category: Anti-virus system for X.400
Description: EVE (Email Virus Eliminator) is a universally applicable anti-virus software, which can be used particularly efficiently and successfully in the context of X.400-Messaging systems. EVE thereby supports all X.400 user Agents.
Category: Message Tracking and Monitoring
Description: SENTRA is an add-on to our X.400 Product family, which is aimed particularly at the alignment of our customers' service quality warranties (Service Level Agreements). In addition to on-line monitoring and analysis functions, SENTRA offers above all numerous possibilities for reporting and logging as well as calculation-related data analysis.
At the centre of SENTRA is a toolbox which contains the location of the central SENTRA service console.