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Email Archiving & Regulatory Compliance
Arguably the most influential driver in the development of email archiving has been legal liability. As email has grown to become the most important form of business communication, governments and industry regulators have stepped up requirements for message retention.


Standardized email protocol conversionBenefits of Email Archiving

  • Compliance – if your organization is legally required to retain messages for a defined period, IsoVault can enable you to meet these requirements.

  • Central Search – IsoVault Archiving enables you to centralize your critical email and provides an easy way to search for and locate important messages.

  • Restore – If a user accidentally deletes an important message, IsoVault enables you to access your archive at anytime and selectively restore that message

  • Archive Reporting – The IsoVault Archiving service enables you to report on your archived messages via a Web-based management centre.


Logo for IsoVault, large scale X.400 email archiving solutionLarge Scale x.400 Mail Archiving
is now possible

Logsys has developed a unique x.400 mail archiving solution and has teamed up with Critical Path RazorSafe to provide the IsoVault email archiving package for Isoplex x.400MTA.

  • Large storage drives will ensure that emails are archived and indexed for the required retention period and automatically remove emails past the retention period.

  • Archived messages are reliably indexed and can be centrally searched for any x.400 email heading information.

  • A web based management centre allows users to search for, and restore their own x.400 emails without putting a strain on the IT department.

  • High security: archived messages cannot be altered or removed by a user.

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Technical information

Flowchart for IsoVault X.400 large scale email archive systemArchiving: