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Chosen by leading organisations in the key sectors

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Logsys trades internationally with over 300 of the world’s largest global companies.

Information technology has seen rapid development over the past two decades with the supply and demand for confidential information being greater than ever.

By ensuring the privacy and security of the information path and the timely distribution of messages and data, we are able to help the most complex organisations manage their communication and data storage requirements in compliance with legislation and international standards.

Our continued success has been underpinned by our team's understanding and delivering to our clients their critical data and communication needs and aspirations.   This, combined with our unrivalled support services, has put us at the forefront in delivering state-of-the-art messaging security.

The specialist knowledge accumulated over our history means that we are able to be present in prominent vertical markets.  We are able to align our offerings to the following customer base:

Market Sectors and Customers

Chosen by leading organisations in the key sectors:

Government: The Dutch Government
Telecommunications: British Telecom, Deutsche Telekom
Transport: Boeing
FMCG: Nestlé