Secure Directory Services


Identity management imageIdentity Management

In a world where business processes are overlapping company boundaries, the clear need for legislation to identify interacting communication becomes a basic requirement. The complex task of legally carrying out this identification is called Identity Management.


Provisioning imageProvisioning

Provisioning is based on the concept of workflow. It only allows processes to be executed once their identity has been created and checked by the Directory Services. The process of Provisioning implements all necessary privileges, rights and safety mechanisms ensuring only authorized resources are made available. Without this process identity management would be ineffective.

Trust Enabling Directory Services

CP Directory Server
Category: X.500 directory server/LDAP server
Description: CP directory server is used in many global enterprises acting as an efficient platform for an operating system independent, Enterprise directory. The advantages of a X.500 directory service are in the possibilities of operating on the basis of the so-called directory system in a geographically distributed and nevertheless synchronized service.
One additional element to our product portfolio is a so-called Join Engine permitting synchronisation of data from arbitrary source listings with the directory service in both directions.