Secure Multiplatform Gatewaying


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Secure Cross-System Messaging:
In large enterprises heterogeneous mail landscapes can be profitably used only if the guaranteed service elements and service control criteria can be transported over system boundaries.

Multi-protocol email systems are a Logsys speciality: reliably converting security-relevant protocols on platforms located world-wide.


Secure multiplatform gatewaying imageSecure Multiplatform Gatewaying

Whether Lotus Notes, Microsoft Exchange, Internet Mail (smtp gateway) connect, X.400 interaction or also industry-specific standards such as NATO STANAG, the Logsys products can bring these entirely different Mail worlds under a uniform management umbrella. With the support of an integrated directory service this platform integration is placed on a standardised basis.


Standardized email protocol conversionStandardized Email Protocol Conversion

The Logsys products correspond in all cases to the newest secure email standards, so that a protocol conversion is ensured and in particular all security related service elements. High performace is a given due to the compatible protocols and security integration.

Logsys today with its own protocol converters and secure gateways is the absolute market leader in the high security field.

Secure Multiprotocol Gatewaying

Category: Multi-protocol Mail with directory synchronisation
Description: N-Plex is a modularly developed, highly integrated multi-protocol Mail server and gateway, which can be used in particular as a central Mail Service between different industry standard Mail solutions (smtp, Lotus Notes, Microsoft Exchange, X.400). The simultaneous synchronisation of the directories as well as the transparent conversion of the different address formats is particularly interesting.
Category: X.400/smtp protocol converter

ISO GATE converts electronic messages between the X.400 protocol family and the RFC world (RFC 987, 1148, 1327, 2156, 2158, 2160)