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Logsys supplies and maintains the X.400 product suite, trusted by world-leading organisations for its secure messaging and data transfer systems.  The suite is producer-independent, based on world-wide standards, and is characterised by high market maturity.

Logsys specialises in providing individual solutions. From the design and delivery of secure email and messaging systems, the management of multi-platform gateway services and email client services, to heterogeneous and enterprise-wide directory services, we will work with you to deliver your most complex communication and information requirements.

Equally suitable for new systems or for upgrading existing protocols, our full intellectual property rights for the suite allow us to design bespoke solutions. This is underpinned by our commitment to a continuous program of investment and innovation. 

Our team of highly experienced developers are specialists, concentrating on our core business rather than over-diversification.  Should you require services beyond this remit, we have a network of accredited partners and third party contacts which we can call upon to expand our service offerings.

Unfailingly robust and reliable, the X.400 suite also delivers a cost-effective solution, with low overheads and no need for constant maintenance and upgrades.


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