Secure Electronic Data Interchange, EDI


Technologically an emphasis of the Logsys solution is on asynchronous data flow and transmission controls. Thus a certain independence of the end solution can be achieved in relation to underlying net infrastructures.


Secure workflow management imageTrusted Workflow Management

The significant increase in the value of our solutions in relation to the usual Internet solutions is based on the identification of concrete, definable business transactions and their time driven operational sequence. This “Workflow” can be therefore more enterprise-internal and enterprise encompassing in nature.

The technical basis for a steered and controlled operational sequence is dictated by:

  • Standards (X.400, X.435, EDIFACT, ebXML, SOAP)
  • Microsoft Exchange and/or Lotus Notes

Secure EDI services imagesSecure EDI

Whether commercial data, structured after defined business transactions (EDIFACT, ebXML) or control data for the automation of expiry data for instance in logistics or the surface-to-air control, whether military or police message formats, a specialized knowledge is required over these technologies, which Logsys has proven over many projects.

With market leadership in the areas of X.400 and X.435, Logsys has an extensive product roadmap, which will become the basis for safe, structured END to END business communication.


Secure Electronic Data Exchange

Category: EDI over X.435
Description: IISO TRADE offers a file interface for the protocol binding of EDI systems to the X.400-based transmission of news in accordance with the ISO standard X.435.